Additional revenue possible with the Amazone border spreading calculator

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Amazone has introduced a border spreading calculator to demonstrate the potential added value from using its AutoTS border spreading system, included on Amazone TS fertiliser spreaders. This can be accessed at

AutoTS allows the operator to switch between three different border spreading methods, depending on the situation. Using side spreading on land that borders a similar crop, 100% of the application rate is spread up to the edge of the field.

If the field borders onto a road or a public footpath, the spreader can be switched to boundary spreading, which reduces the maximum throwing distance to the edge of the field. This prevents fertiliser from being thrown across the border.

In the case of streams, watercourses, open water and areas under ecological management, the watercourse spreading option ensures the required distance is kept within the field. This helps to protect the environment while maintaining the highest possible yield.

Trials using artificial field borders (to limit the influence of external factors) showed that conventional spreading techniques resulted in border yields of around 68% of the reference in-field yield. Using the AutoTS this reportedly increased to 85%, a significant increase in yield.

Amazone states that the AutoTS system can generate increased income, even in smaller and irregularly shaped fields. The addition of the online calculator allows operators to predict this increase while remaining confident that fertiliser is not being applied outside of the field boundary.

More information is available at

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